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About us

Crazy Fruits is a great Mexican restaurant to stop by for a delicious lunch or smoothie in the Austin, TX area. Are you looking for a unique place to spend your lunch break?

At Crazy fruits you will find a variety of dishes such as: smoothies, hot dogs, burritos, fruit cup, banana split, ice cream, and more.


We prepare a delicious strawberries with cream, flautas (Mexican dish), burgers and corn with chili. Do you want to know more about our menu? 

Flautas, Fruit cup, Ice Cream
Apple with Chili

Crazy Fruits was inaugurated in 2014, from the beginning it was a challenge but with effort, perseverance, warmth and seasoning we were won over by the people.

Thanks to your support, we are getting closer to you.

3 Locatios
Hot Dog
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